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Welcome, Handsome!
Years ago, it was concluded that size doesn't matter but what does, is...
How long you can last! That's why we decided to practice what ladies everywhere preach during wine nights and out popped out Fleur De Diamant. Beautiful, Elegant, Hand-Picked roses preserved to last over 1 WHOLE YEAR. Single-handedly, the best thing you can gift to that special someone.
Not to toot our own horns but our roses are awesome! You can spend the same amount it costs to buy REAL roses that die after two weeks along with your chances of getting some ;). With ours, the chance lasts at least a year. 
Now you can get a box of 9, 16, or 25 roses it all depends on how much you love your girlfriend/ wife. The boxes come in two colors: Black or white. Both colors come with our signature red ribbon like the soles of a pair of Louboutins. 
Until Valentine's day, we are offering a FREE delivery experience that will really show your girlfriend/wife how much she means to you. We will personally deliver the roses TO HER and pour her a glass of Champagne.
Because she deserves the best! 
Before you check out, here is a quick scientific fact:
When a woman receives roses from Fleur De Diamant, the same frequency patterns show up in her brain that fire up when she sees a diamond ring.
Ya... I made that up, I just really want a diamond ring. (I hope you're reading this Tod) 
Yours Truly,
Fleur De Diamant 
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